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  • What Does “Leader” Mean in China?


    Understanding Chinese managers and executives is crucial if you want your business venture or new job in China to succeed. The Chinese term “Lingdao,” which roughly means leader, provides key insights into how the Chinese manage companies and interact with their employees.

  • The Chinese Families of Flight MH370

    China Malaysia Plane

    News on MH370 has been dominating the Western news networks for more than a month, but with little in-depth coverage on the families of the missing Chinese passengers. In this article read about the cultural and social factors that affect their grief stricken public outbursts and what this tragedy means for them in the future.

  • 3 Ideas For More Effective Networking With the Chinese


    Do you know how to network with the Chinese? There are now a number of events in China and abroad where Westerners can meet new Chinese friends and business contacts. However, if you do not understand how to create a personal connection with the Chinese, you may find your efforts coming up short.

  • The Difficulties in Connecting With Influential Chinese


    It is common to encounter Western business people looking for introductions to Chinese executives or government officials, with the idea that creating these types of guanxi can be the instrumental in establishing a successful business venture. And while possessing strong guanxi is important in China, it is not as easy find as some people may think.

  • What is the Secret to Speaking Better Chinese?


    Learning to speak Chinese has become increasingly important to many in the international business community, but still presents many difficulties for the Western learner. However, focusing on the right issues can provide a key advantage in one’s studies, as outlined in this article.

  • The Frog in the Well – Bridging The Cultural Gap


    There are many tensions and misunderstandings between China and Western countries. However there are other ways of thinking besides those which Westerners were brought up with. By broadening their cultural understanding Western countries and individuals can create a stronger bilateral relationship with the Chinese.

  • Saying “No” in China


    Saying no in China can be difficult for Westerners because of the Chinese tendency to speak in a vague and indirect manner. In order to help the Chinese save face and maintain valuable relationships it is important to know how to properly say no in a way that local Chinese business people can accept.

  • China Expat Survival Tips: 15 Ways to Apply “Face” in China

    Watch and Suit

    Understanding the basic elements of the Chinese concept of Face and knowing how to apply it within an office environment are very different. And applying Face correctly can have a big influence on your career in China. In the following article a number of important methods to apply Face, as used by the Chinese, are presented for use by the Western business person.

  • Are Relationships Predestined? They are in China!


    Are relationships predestined? The Chinese think so. The term “Yuan Fen (缘分)” refers to the the idea of fate bringing certain people together, and can be used to describe both business and romantic relationships. In this article learn the key issues behind the concept of Yuan Fen (缘分), and how the local Chinese view this important term.

  • China Expat Survival Tips: Joining a Chinese Company

    group active

    The office culture of many companies in Mainland China can cause stress and worry for the unprepared Western expatriate. In order increase an expatriate’s chances of success and reduce the time required for cultural acclimation, it is a good idea to be aware of the basic elements at play within a Chinese office environment.

  • It Only Takes Three People to Create a Tiger


    Social media in China has the enormous potential to either help or disrupt Western businesses. The Chinese idiom “it only takes three people to create a tiger,” provides information and insights on how quickly information can spread, and the negative power of rumors in China.

  • The Art of Giving Gifts in China


    In China, giving gifts is an an important tool to build strong relationships. In this article learn the key elements relating to gift giving in China and how to avoid the sticky issue of bribery.

  • Tips For Communicating With The Chinese, Part 2


    In an earlier post, I offered a general overview of several common elements in Chinese society (and the business environment) which will often influence how the Chinese communicate. These include concepts such as social harmony, giving or losing Face, maintaining relationships, and observing business… Read More ›

  • Gaining and Losing Face in China


    Face, or miàn zi, is a commonly heard term with regard to Chinese culture, but can be hard for Westerners and non-Asians to completely grasp and understand. In the following article key points of Face will be discussed along with examples of gaining face and losing face.


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