FB-f-Logo__blue_1024Do you enjoy learning about the Chinese culture and language via the China Culture Corner? Are you interested in reading more articles about China from a variety of different sources? Are you looking to connect with other like-minded people to talk about China?

If so, you may be interested in checking out the China Culture Corner’s Facebook page. I have recently launched a page on Facebook for the China Culture Corner with the goal of getting more feedback from readers and providing you all with another channel to learn about China.

How to Contribute

Going forward I would encourage all readers to take a look at the page. While up until now I’ve mainly been sharing articles I like, I hope that in the future readers will share more too. For example, readers can:

  • Share articles
  • Comment on articles share on the page
  • Ask question of myself and other group members

If you don’t like using Facebook, there are also other ways to join the conversation. You can:

I look forward to talking further and seeing your contributions!

-Sean Upton-McLaughlin