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instragram-sample_sean2Hi everyone. Lately, due to my new job in digital marketing, I’ve become interested in smartphone photography. This has inspired me to open an account on Instagram to share photos documenting my time in China.  On my account I’ll be sharing:

  1. Photos of my life in Shenzhen, China
  2. Photos of my work, both in China and abroad
  3. Past photos of my travels throughout China

instragram-sample_seanSo, if you’re interested in seeing what’s happening with me, enjoying photos from China’s many scenic spots, or learning more about Chinese culture, you can check out my profile at

I hope you enjoy this additional social channel as another way to experience and learn about the real China.

-Sean Upton-McLaughlin


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5 replies

  1. Sean, thank you for sharing ! I have been living 5 years in Beijing, back in Paris now. I treasure your real China stories, best ! Laurence


  2. Cool. This looks like fun.


  3. Good morning, Sean. What a pleasant way to begin the morning viewing your many wonderful experiences in China brought to life in word and picture. Since we are all visually focused, I know you will gain many followers. Your previous China Culture Posts have already established you as a Zhongguo Tong. All the best in this new medium. David


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