The past week has seen new developments with the evolving Coronavirus crisis in China, some of which were worrying to many overseas. I’ve therefore sat down and created my third update on China’s Coronavirus outbreak, looking to keep viewers overseas informed of recent developments, but more importantly to help correction misinformation and misconceptions.

Learn about the efforts against COVID-19 in Shenzhen, China, as of mid-February, 2020.

Today, I discuss the following recent developments:

  1. New movement restrictions imposed by the Shenzhen authorities to help limit the virus’ spread
  2. Reasons behind the new surge of confirmed Coronavirus cases in China (now officially named COVID-19)
  3. New testing measures for quarantined individuals in Shenzhen and why forceful quarantines are needed
  4. How the Coronavirus caused the cancelation of one of the biggest tech tradeshows in the world
  5. The local leadership reshuffle in the Hubei province, the hotspot of the Coronavirus outbreak

So, click on the video below to get the latest news on the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

In closing, please continue to bear in mind that misinformation is rife during this crisis, both on social media as well as by word of mouth. It’s doubly important now, with so much fear and anxiety in the air, that we verify our sources before making ill-informed choices, and not make the mistake of blaming Chinese (or Asian) people or believing wild conspiracy theories. The truth, whatever it may be, will come out in time, and the most important thing we can all do now is to continue to support each other.

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