Life under COVID-19 is hard. Many of us have had our movement restricted in one way or another over the past several months. I also experienced the city of Shenzhen as I never had before, where businesses and schools were closed en-mass, the majority of the populace was working from home, and people were unwilling to venture outside unless absolutely necessary. Overseas, while situations varied from country to country, many people were also faced with working remotely or downright shelter-at-home orders.

Here’s what it’s like to quarantine in Hong Kong for two weeks during COVID-19.

However, when recently traveling to Hong Kong on a business trip, I experienced a whole new level of “stay-at-home”. Specifically, at the time of my trip from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, all non-Hong Kong residents were required to undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine, either in a hotel or residence, or at a centralized quarantine facility. Naturally, for both safety and comfort, I chose a hotel, and a new “adventure” began.

During a two-week period, I was more or less locked in a small room without the ability to leave. I was faced with the challenge of finding ways to ensure everything stayed clean and safe (room cleaning by hotel staff was not allowed), getting food delivered to my room on a daily basis (I initially lost the ability to pay for food when my bank restricted access to my cards), and generally staying healthy and sane. To learn more, take a look at the below video to hear about my Hong Kong quarantine experience.

Alternatively, if you’re not in the mood to watch a video, I’ve also recorded my thoughts on my hotel quarantine stay in a Twitter thread listed below. If you have any questions on any part of my quarantine story, you can send me a reply within the thread or comment below.

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