I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kalani Scarrott on the Compounding Curiosity podcast about my experience building my career in China and working with Chinese companies for more than 12 years. I wanted to share these experiences and insights as I deeply believe China continues to present enormous opportunities for overseas professionals and companies.

Now that China is dismantling its Zero-Covid policies and removing some entry restrictions for foreigners, 2023 looks to be a great year to consider working or studying in China. However, it’s still vital to do the necessary preparations and understand the environment and challenges on the ground as the traditional expat lifestyle is far less common than in prior decades.

So, I hope you’ll tune in to hear about my own China career and the lessons I’ve learned (including what not to do) that can help you on your own journey. If you’re interested in exploring your own career in China, I’m always happy to chat and connect on Twitter and LinkedIn to answer any basic questions.

What to build your career in China? Check out these tips by @SeanUM_China who has worked with Chinese companies for over 12 years, via the @CompndCuriosity podcast with @ScarrottKalani.

[00:31] – How I got involved with China
[06:08] – My first experience working in China and how I got that job
[07:46] – How would I prepare differently if starting over?
[14:21] – All about “China Speed”
[18:42] – Reasons to work for a Chinese company
[19:58] – How Chinese companies can avoid shooting themselves in the foot
[25:37] – Thoughts on “China Armchair Experts”
[33:37] – Working with vivo on influencer relations
[38:12] – Dreams versus harsh realities of a career in China
[40:23] – Interesting anecdotes about life in China

You can also listen to the podcast here:

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