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IMG_5028Sean Upton-McLaughlin is a China-focused writer, editor, and business consultant. He is currently based out of Shenzhen China, and works as an editor and cross cultural communications specialist in the telecommunications sector. He has spent more than six years in China, working with Chinese companies, executives and officials.

While in China, Sean has spent a large part of his time living apart from other Western expatriates to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese society, language and culture.  He has also spent over 12 years speaking, reading and writing Mandarin Chinese, which has allowed him to easily engage and communicate with Chinese citizens from a variety of backgrounds.  Through his knowledge of Chinese culture and the nuances of Chinese communication styles, he has come to deeply understand and empathize with the Chinese people, including their motivations, aspirations and fears.

One of Sean’s foremost goals in work and life is to build a greater understanding and respect between China and the West. He has noticed that many Westerners have difficulties understanding the Chinese people and their culture, not only due to language barriers, but also because of the huge cultural gap between China and Western countries. Sean works to help his fellow Westerners develop a strong understanding of China, in order to help them more easily navigate Chinese culture, society and business.

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