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Journal Article : The Many Faces of Suzhi in China

Dear Readers and China Enthuiasts, I am pleased to announce that I have recenly published a new article on Chinese culture and management practices: The many faces of suzhi in the Chinese organization and society: Implications for multinational HRM practice. This article has been published through a cooperation with The Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management, aContinue reading “Journal Article : The Many Faces of Suzhi in China”

The “China Culture Corner” is Now in Shenzhen!

As of May 2014, I, Sean Upton-McLaughlin, have officially relocated to Shenzhen to continue my work with Chinese companies and executives, this time with a multinational Chinese firm in the ICT sector. From this new location I will continue to bring you, the reader and China enthusiast, new and useful insights into Chinese business, culture,Continue reading “The “China Culture Corner” is Now in Shenzhen!”