Revisiting Xi’an: Old Memories & New Experiences

In January of 2020, I finally returned to the Chinese city of Xi’an after 20 years. The experience reminded me of many reasons I have grown to love China, and how there are many interesting things to learn about and enjoy in the country.

Expat Discrimination Brought This Chinese Professional to Tears

Chinese workers often face unintentional discrimination based on their language, cultural identity, and social customs. For a more “harmonious environment,” it’s vital to get to know these individuals and understand their backgrounds.

This Guy Taught in China and Found a New World

Mike Cairnduff hails from Melbourne, Australia and works as a recruiter in the education sector. He has traveled to China many times and loves the people, country, and culture. In part due to his passion for China, he set up and manages a recruiting platform called “Hello Teacher!” to help other Westerners pursue teaching careersContinue reading “This Guy Taught in China and Found a New World”

The Pull of the Cantonese Language

In this interview, my friend Jeremy Ryder details his wonderful journey learning the Cantonese language and exploring the many facets of southern Chinese culture. This is a great read for anyone interested in traveling to Hong Kong or Guangdong, China.

Book Review: Notes from a Beijing Coffeeshop

Notes from A Beijing Coffeeshop, by Jonathan Geldart, offers up 23 unique Chinese stories in bite-sized pieces, that help the non-Chinese reader to quickly and easily start learning about who the Chinese people truly are. A must read for those planning on moving to or traveling in China!

It Began with a Band Trip: Snapshots of China’s Past and Present

My own China journey began in 2001, when my high-school band traveled to China for a musical exchange. In this article I chat with my parents, who accompanied the band as chaperons, to get their take on China then vs. now, and their overall impressions of the country and people.

Finding Work in China as a Western Graduate

In China, young non-Chinese talent can have a harder time finding good jobs, especially as China’s talent market evolves and local professionals gain more experience. In this interview, I talked with Adam Horton, a recent graduate from the U.K., about his experiences looking for and finding a job in Shenzhen, China.

SeekPanda: Revolutionizing the Chinese Interpretation Market

Need a Chinese interpreter? SeekPanda, based in Beijing China, is looking to change the face of China’s interpretation market and help Western companies bridge the language and cultural divide. Take a look at this interview to find out why a skill interpreter is so important!

Tradesparq: Sourcing Through Social Networks

Tradesparq was found in Shanghai by Brian Hager in 2010, and specializes in connecting buyers to Chinese suppliers via social media. In this article learn more about Tradesparq as well as lessons Brian has learn from successfully running a business in China.