Don’t Let Assumptions Define Your China Experience!

In this short article, I share a common experience of foreigners learning the Chinese language: sometimes no one can understand our Chinese. It is in interesting phenomenon that speaks to the assumptions we all make in our daily lives. Basically, our assumptions may blind us to the world, and make us deaf to the words others are speaking.


5 Tips for Fun and Flexibility in China

Adapting to life in China can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With an open mind and a basic understanding and acceptance of Chinese culture, many problems can become much less difficult. In this article, I share five useful tips for enjoying life more in China, based on my own experiences.

Book Review: Notes from a Beijing Coffeeshop

Do you want to learn about the Chinese people? Well, then pick up Notes from A Beijing Coffeeshop by Jonathan Geldart. The book offers up 23 unique Chinese stories in bite-sized pieces, that help the non-Chinese reader to quickly and easily start learning about who the Chinese people truly are. A must read for those planning on moving to or traveling in China!


Will We Meet Again: A Sacrifice of Working Overseas

This Tang Poem does a pretty good job describing the sorrow and longing that one experiences after parting with a close friend. This seems very applicable to those of us that work and live abroad, as we often must leave our families and friends behind. Enjoy!


Why I Write “Westerner”: The Essence of a Word

When writing about China it can be hard to pick the right word to describe non-Chinese expatriates, professionals, students, and travelers. In this short article I share my thoughts on why “Westerner” became my own go-to word. What’s yours?