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Citing Content

“There is no enjoying the possession of anything valuable unless one has someone to share it with.”

– Seneca Quotes

Citing Content

The content on the China Culture Corner is free to view, reference, and reuse. However, I would request that you refer to the below guidelines when sharing. The easiest way to share my stories and insights on China is to link back to any content you are referencing. If you would like to quote a section from one of my articles or videos, please list the section in quotations, and use one of the below templates to credit me.

  • According to Sean Upton-McLaughlin, a global communications specialist focusing on China
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Re-posting or republishing entire articles is discouraged, but if you feel you have a legitimate reason for doing so, please be sure to reach out to me first to obtain permission.

In addition, please only mention or credit me in relation to the China Culture Corner, and/or my experience as a communications professional bridging the divide between China and overseas markets. Any articles, videos, or public comments made in relations to the China Culture Corner are not connected to or endorsed in any way by any other companies, organizations, or entities, including my full-time employer.

Quoting the Author

If you would like to reach out to me on an issue you will be writing/talking about, please send a message to me here. If you have an urgent issue that needs a quick response, please send a direct message to me on Twitter.

I am available to comment on topics including PR & communications, marketing, Chinese consumers, Chinese companies, Chinese economics, Chinese technology, and globalization & localization, and the COVID-19 pandemic in China.

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