Revisiting Xi’an: Old Memories & New Experiences

In January of 2020, I finally returned to the Chinese city of Xi’an after 20 years. The experience reminded me of many reasons I have grown to love China, and how there are many interesting things to learn about and enjoy in the country.

It Began with a Band Trip: Snapshots of China’s Past and Present

My own China journey began in 2001, when my high-school band traveled to China for a musical exchange. In this article I chat with my parents, who accompanied the band as chaperons, to get their take on China then vs. now, and their overall impressions of the country and people.

Share Your China Story with the World!

Have you lived or worked in China for a length of time? Do you want to help other Westerners learn about China, its culture, and its people? Contact the China Culture Corner today to share you story with the world, and remove the veil of mystery from China!