Communication Tips

In China, language and culture both play an important role in shaping communication styles but can be difficult for the uninitiated to comprehend. This section focuses on providing insights into Chinese communication styles and short lessons on effectively using the Chinese language for Westerners who are planning on traveling or working in China.

14 Social Media Tips for China Career Development

As the Chinese economy continues to develop, many are viewing the Middle Kingdom as a great place to advance their careers. However, it’s important to make the most of digital networking platforms, such as LinkedIn and WeChat, to maximize your chances. Take a look at this article for some useful tips and advice.


5 Reasons You Need to Learn Chinese Names

Names are extremely important to the Chinese, and learning how to pronounce them and their meanings is an excellent way to begin engaging more with Chinese friends, colleagues, and partners. In this article I go over five key reasons we need to stop constantly asking for English names from the Chinese.

Saying “No” in China

Saying no in China can be difficult for Westerners because of the Chinese tendency to speak in a vague and indirect manner. In order to help the Chinese save face and maintain valuable relationships it is important to know how to properly say no in a way that local Chinese business people can accept.

Tips For Communicating With The Chinese, Part 1

Unclear communication by Chinese business people can cause frustration and concern among Westerners. In this article some of the key aspects of unclear communication by the Chinese are addressed to assist Western businesses in successfully negotiating business deals and forming strong relationships with the Chinese.