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8 Tips for Surviving the Holidays in China

As Christmas and the Chinese Spring Festival have already come and gone, I thought it might be a good time to address a topic that can easily frustrate foreigners living and working in China. Basically, what the heck are you… Read More ›


5 Reasons a Translation Career May Not Be For You

Do you enjoy studying the Chinese language? Are you thinking about becoming a translator? In fact, translation can be frustrating for the unprepared. Therefore, take a look at this list to learn about some of the key challenges you will face while working as a translator in China.

5 Tips for Fun and Flexibility in China

Adapting to life in China can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With an open mind and a basic understanding and acceptance of Chinese culture, many problems can become much less difficult. In this article, I share five useful tips for enjoying life more in China, based on my own experiences.


Finding Work in China as a Western Graduate

In China, young non-Chinese talent can have a harder time finding good jobs, especially as China’s talent market evolves and local professionals gain more experience. In this interview, I talked with Adam Horton, a recent graduate from the U.K., about his experiences looking for and finding a job in Shenzhen, China.


How “Chinese” Should You Act in China?

When living or working in China, adapting to the local culture and language is a must. But how much is enough? In this article I talk about the pros and cons of two separate groups: the international expats that live apart from Chinese society, and those non-Chinese that make the effort to adapt.


8 Reasons Young Professionals Should Avoid Teaching English in China

Are you hoping to launch a career in China? Thought about teaching English on the side during your search? Take a look at this post to learn how teaching English in China might leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.


Why Overseas Chinese Talent Has Trouble Adjusting in Mainland China

Hiring Overseas Chinese talent to send to Mainland China can seem like a really smart move. After all, they can speak the language and understand the culture, right? Actually, things are rarely so simple. Read this article to learn more about some of the potential drawbacks of Overseas Chinese talent in Mainland China.


Journal Article : The Many Faces of Suzhi in China

Dear Readers and China Enthuiasts, I am pleased to announce that I have recenly published a new article on Chinese culture and management practices: The many faces of suzhi in the Chinese organization and society: Implications for multinational HRM practice. This article… Read More ›


China Expat Survival Tips: 15 Ways to Apply “Face” in China

Understanding the basic elements of the Chinese concept of Face and knowing how to apply it within an office environment are very different. And applying Face correctly can have a big influence on your career in China. In the following article a number of important methods to apply Face, as used by the Chinese, are presented for use by the Western business person.