China’s Overtime Culture: The Real Story on Alibaba’s 996 and Other Working Styles

When most people think of overtime culture in China, they likely think of the 996 culture made famous by Alibaba. But overtime in China is not so simple – join me in my latest video to get an inside view of what it’s really like to work overtime in China.

3 Sacrifices Expats Make By Not Learning Chinese

In my latest China vlog, I recount some of my own experiences working in China and why learning Chinese may become an invaluable skill set for foreign expatriates in the future.

2021 China Visa & Quarantine: Everything You Need to Know

Following China’s speedy recovery from its initial COVID-19 outbreak, many foreign expats are looking to return to their lives in China. However, increased restrictions for visas and border crossings have barred the way to many. Here, in my vlog, I describe my own journey, and the required processes, for coming back to China

Talking TikTok: Reflecting on Resignations & Executive Responsibilities

Many Chinese companies are successfully expanding overseas, but they still need strong partners and executives to help bridge the gaps with different markets. In my latest vlog, I discuss TikTok’s troubles with its former CEO, and the responsibility top leaders have to stay on in times of crisis.

Coronavirus Update #4: Is the World Ready?

The Coronavirus is now spreading in many countries outside China, while the number of confirmed cases in China is dropping. But there are now doubts about whether other countries are prepared to learn from China’s example.

The Coronavirus: On the Ground in Shenzhen

In the last several weeks, the Coronavirus has quickly grown into a global health emergency, following its appearance in the Chinese city of Wuhan. As someone living in China during these uncertain times, I wanted to share my own perspective and experiences, in order to correct some of the information and xenophobia that has been circulating online.

Sprite & Baijiu: Lessons on Marketing to Chinese Consumers

Successful marketing campaigns in China depend on a deep understanding of Chinese culture and traditions as well as local consumer behavior. This campaign by Coca-Cola and a local Chinese Baijiu maker check many of the right boxes for engaging with and selling to Chinese shoppers.

10 Tips for Working in Shenzhen

Finding a job in China is not as easy as it once was, but new opportunities can be had in Shenzhen, the tech capital of China. If you’re interested in the challenge that this city represents, check out the attached video for ten important tips.

Expat Discrimination Brought This Chinese Professional to Tears

Chinese workers often face unintentional discrimination based on their language, cultural identity, and social customs. For a more “harmonious environment,” it’s vital to get to know these individuals and understand their backgrounds.

Decorate Your Door This Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has come again, and that means it’s time to put up your Chinese New Year decorations. Watch this short video to learn all about the decorations you’ll need to hang on your door and where to buy them.

All About Xiaomi: Smart Homes and Cool Tech

Chinese culture and society have long been one of my interests, and it’s been fascinating to observe how the country has developed over the past 20 plus years. I’ve also been working in the Chinese high-tech sector for several years, and it’s been extremely enlightening to be on the ground in China, and watch howContinue reading “All About Xiaomi: Smart Homes and Cool Tech”

8 Reasons Young Professionals Should Avoid Teaching English in China

Are you hoping to launch a career in China? Have you thought about teaching English on the side during your search? At the end of the day, teaching English in China might leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

The “China Culture Corner” is Now in Shenzhen!

As of May 2014, I, Sean Upton-McLaughlin, have officially relocated to Shenzhen to continue my work with Chinese companies and executives, this time with a multinational Chinese firm in the ICT sector. From this new location I will continue to bring you, the reader and China enthusiast, new and useful insights into Chinese business, culture,Continue reading “The “China Culture Corner” is Now in Shenzhen!”

Are Relationships Predestined? They are in China!

Are relationships predestined? The Chinese think so. The term “Yuan Fen (缘分)” refers to the the idea of fate bringing certain people together, and can be used to describe both business and romantic relationships. In this article learn the key issues behind the concept of Yuan Fen (缘分), and how the local Chinese view this important term.