200304-omag-book-publish-600x411Dear Readers and China Enthuiasts,

I am pleased to announce that I have recenly published a new article on Chinese culture and management practices: The many faces of suzhi in the Chinese organization and society: Implications for multinational HRM practice. This article has been published through a cooperation with The Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management, a part of Emerald Group Publishing.

In this article, I expand on the concept of suzhi, which I previously introduced in a another article. In this new article however, I list and discuss additional important details and context, which can help Western managers and executives gain a better understanding of their local Chinese employees, as well as how to more effectively interact with them. As the new article is somewhat long (about 11 pages in original formatting ), I suggest that all those new to the concept of suzhi first take a look at my orginal short article on the subject HERE. If you like what you see, I have provided links to the complete article below:

Article Abstract on Emerald Group Publishing’s Site

Read the Full Article on The China Culture Corner

It brings me a great deal of excitement to bring you all this indepth look into the Chinese concept of Suzhi. If you have any additional questions , please feel free to email me through the Contact Info page, or leave me a comment.

Thanks for reading!

– Sean Upton-McLaughlin