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  • The Pull of the Cantonese Language

    In this interview, my friend Jeremy Ryder details his wonderful journey learning the Cantonese language and exploring the many facets of southern Chinese culture. This is a great read for anyone interested in traveling to Hong Kong or Guangdong, China.

  • Book Review: Notes from a Beijing Coffeeshop

    Do you want to learn about the Chinese people? Well, then pick up Notes from A Beijing Coffeeshop by Jonathan Geldart. The book offers up 23 unique Chinese stories in bite-sized pieces, that help the non-Chinese reader to quickly and easily start learning about who the Chinese people truly are. A must read for those planning on moving to or traveling in China!

  • 2016 is the Year of the Monkey!

    It’s 2016, and the Year of the Monkey has arrived! Thanks to all my readers for your support, and I’d like to wish you all “big luck” in the Year of the Monkey! Thanks again!

  • It Began with a Band Trip: Snapshots of China’s Past and Present

    My own China journey began in 2001, when my high-school band traveled to China for a musical exchange. In this article I chat with my parents, who accompanied the band as chaperons, to get their take on China then vs. now, and their overall impressions of the country and people.

  • Finding Work in China as a Western Graduate

    In China, young non-Chinese talent can have a harder time finding good jobs, especially as China’s talent market evolves and local professionals gain more experience. In this interview, I talked with Adam Horton, a recent graduate from the U.K., about his experiences looking for and finding a job in Shenzhen, China.

  • Follow the China Culture Corner on Facebook!

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  • Will We Meet Again: A Sacrifice of Working Overseas

    This Tang Poem does a pretty good job describing the sorrow and longing that one experiences after parting with a close friend. This seems very applicable to those of us that work and live abroad, as we often must leave our families and friends behind. Enjoy!

  • How “Chinese” Should You Act in China?

    When living or working in China, adapting to the local culture and language is a must. But how much is enough? In this article I talk about the pros and cons of two separate groups: the international expats that live apart from Chinese society, and those non-Chinese that make the effort to adapt.

  • Why I Write “Westerner”: The Essence of a Word

    When writing about China it can be hard to pick the right word to describe non-Chinese expatriates, professionals, students, and travelers. In this short article I share my thoughts on why “Westerner” became my own go-to word. What’s yours?

  • “Little Sisters” and “Older Brothers” in China

    Do you know about “Little Sisters” and “Older Brothers” in China? These two terms are a common part of everyday life and are often used by China’s younger generation to communicate and build relationships. Take a look at the following article t begin building relationships the Chinese way today!