Sprite & Baijiu: Lessons on Marketing to Chinese Consumers

Successful marketing campaigns in China depend on a deep understanding of Chinese culture and traditions as well as local consumer behavior. This campaign by Coca-Cola and a local Chinese Baijiu maker check many of the right boxes for engaging with and selling to Chinese shoppers.

Grab Those Red Envelopes – On WeChat!

WeChat is China’s #1 social media app, and a great place to give gifts and maintain relationships. In this article, you’ll learn the basics of gifting Red Envelopes on WeChat, and why it’s such an important tool for foreigners living and working in China.

Three People Can Create a Tiger – Social Media in China

Social media in China has a huge potential to either help or disrupt Western businesses. The Chinese idiom “it only takes three people to create a tiger,” provides information and insights on how quickly information can spread, and the negative power of rumors in China.

Tradesparq: Sourcing Through Social Networks

Tradesparq was found in Shanghai by Brian Hager in 2010, and specializes in connecting buyers to Chinese suppliers via social media. In this article learn more about Tradesparq as well as lessons Brian has learn from successfully running a business in China.