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Sean is a American born business consultant who specializes in US-China business and cross-cultural relations.

  • Tips For Communicating With The Chinese, Part 1

    Unclear communication by Chinese business people can cause frustration and concern among Westerners. In this article some of the key aspects of unclear communication by the Chinese are addressed to assist Western businesses in successfully negotiating business deals and forming strong relationships with the Chinese.

  • A Guide to Hanyu Pinyin and Correct Chinese Pronunciation

    The Chinese language is becoming more important with the economic and political development of Mainland China. Start learning Chinese by first reading and reviewing this introduction to Chinese Pinyin.

  • Building a Cart Behind Closed Doors – What Costco Did Wrong in China

    The idiom “building a cart behind closed doors” serves as a useful reminder of the dangers of entering the Chinese foreign without ample preparation. Without on-the-ground research and analysis of consumer needs and preferences, it is all too easy to make disastrous missteps in China.

  • Understanding Chinese Nationalism

    Chinese nationalism is on the rise and frequently affects Western businesses in China. In this article some of the key issues behind Chinese nationalism are presented and explained to assist Western businesses from making costly PR blunders.

  • Struggling to Get Ahead – the Stressful Lives of Young Chinese

    For many Chinese people, life and work are a constant struggle. The Chinese idiom “struggling to get ahead and fearing to be left behind” accurately captures this facet of daily life in China and can help Westerners better understand the Chinese.

  • Chinese Dining Etiquette

    Dining etiquette in China plays a large role in developing relationships and cementing new business deals. In this article, learn the key points any Westerner should know before sitting down to eat with a Chinese business person.

  • The Significance of Family in China

    Family is an important concept to the Chinese and can have a huge effect on business and society. In this article, learn some of the key aspects of the family in China and how it can impact your business.

  • Proper Character and Behavior

    The Chinese place a great deal of important on observing the proper social etiquette, and showing good character and behavior. This article explains the concept of Suzhi and how it relates to doing business in China.

  • What is Guanxi – Relationships in China

    What is guanxi? Why are relationships so important in China? In this article several key aspects of guanxi are explained to help the average Westerner understand the role that relationships play in business in China, as well as how to build effective and long lasting relationships with the Chinese.

  • Tradesparq: Sourcing Through Social Networks

    Tradesparq was found in Shanghai by Brian Hager in 2010, and specializes in connecting buyers to Chinese suppliers via social media. In this article learn more about Tradesparq as well as lessons Brian has learn from successfully running a business in China.