Saying “No” in China

Saying no in China can be difficult for Westerners because of the Chinese tendency to speak in a vague and indirect manner. In order to help the Chinese save face and maintain valuable relationships it is important to know how to properly say no in a way that local Chinese business people can accept.

China Expat Survival Tips: 15 Ways to Apply “Face” in China

Understanding the basic elements of the Chinese concept of Face and knowing how to apply it within an office environment are very different. And applying Face correctly can have a big influence on your career in China. In the following article a number of important methods to apply Face, as used by the Chinese, are presented for use by the Western business person.

China Expat Survival Tips: Joining a Chinese Company

The office culture of many companies in Mainland China can cause stress and worry for the unprepared Western expatriate. In order increase an expatriate’s chances of success and reduce the time required for cultural acclimation, it is a good idea to be aware of the basic elements at play within a Chinese office environment.