Vague Language

The Quest for an Accurate Translation, a Chinese Fable

Ensuring accurate translations between the Chinese and English languages is tough in today’s fast and frantic business climate. Through a short fable, readers will learn why taking it slow can not only ensure higher-quality translation deliverables, but also aid in cross cultural learning and communication.


The Frog in the Well – Bridging The Cultural Gap

There are many tensions and misunderstandings between China and Western countries. However there are other ways of thinking besides those which Westerners were brought up with. By broadening their cultural understanding Western countries and individuals can create a stronger bilateral relationship with the Chinese.

Saying “No” in China

Saying no in China can be difficult for Westerners because of the Chinese tendency to speak in a vague and indirect manner. In order to help the Chinese save face and maintain valuable relationships it is important to know how to properly say no in a way that local Chinese business people can accept.

Tips For Communicating With The Chinese, Part 1

Unclear communication by Chinese business people can cause frustration and concern among Westerners. In this article some of the key aspects of unclear communication by the Chinese are addressed to assist Western businesses in successfully negotiating business deals and forming strong relationships with the Chinese.