China’s Overtime Culture: The Real Story on Alibaba’s 996 and Other Working Styles

When most people think of overtime culture in China, they likely think of the 996 culture made famous by Alibaba. But overtime in China is not so simple – join me in my latest video to get an inside view of what it’s really like to work overtime in China.

2021 China Visa & Quarantine: Everything You Need to Know

Following China’s speedy recovery from its initial COVID-19 outbreak, many foreign expats are looking to return to their lives in China. However, increased restrictions for visas and border crossings have barred the way to many. Here, in my vlog, I describe my own journey, and the required processes, for coming back to China

Coronavirus Update #4: Is the World Ready?

The Coronavirus is now spreading in many countries outside China, while the number of confirmed cases in China is dropping. But there are now doubts about whether other countries are prepared to learn from China’s example.

Coronavirus Update #2: Getting Supplies & Discussing the Quarantine

The Coronavirus outbreak is continuing in China, with confirmed cases rising and face masks only available in short supply. However, most people here in Shenzhen are still going about their daily lives with quiet and resilient courage. Join me in my latest video as I visit the market for much-needed supplies and discuss the evolving situation.

The Coronavirus: On the Ground in Shenzhen

In the last several weeks, the Coronavirus has quickly grown into a global health emergency, following its appearance in the Chinese city of Wuhan. As someone living in China during these uncertain times, I wanted to share my own perspective and experiences, in order to correct some of the information and xenophobia that has been circulating online.

10 Tips for Working in Shenzhen

Finding a job in China is not as easy as it once was, but new opportunities can be had in Shenzhen, the tech capital of China. If you’re interested in the challenge that this city represents, check out the attached video for ten important tips.

The “China Culture Corner” is Now in Shenzhen!

As of May 2014, I, Sean Upton-McLaughlin, have officially relocated to Shenzhen to continue my work with Chinese companies and executives, this time with a multinational Chinese firm in the ICT sector. From this new location I will continue to bring you, the reader and China enthusiast, new and useful insights into Chinese business, culture,Continue reading “The “China Culture Corner” is Now in Shenzhen!”