Sprite & Baijiu: Lessons on Marketing to Chinese Consumers

Successful marketing campaigns in China depend on a deep understanding of Chinese culture and traditions as well as local consumer behavior. This campaign by Coca-Cola and a local Chinese Baijiu maker check many of the right boxes for engaging with and selling to Chinese shoppers.

This Guy Taught in China and Found a New World

Mike Cairnduff hails from Melbourne, Australia and works as a recruiter in the education sector. He has traveled to China many times and loves the people, country, and culture. In part due to his passion for China, he set up and manages a recruiting platform called “Hello Teacher!” to help other Westerners pursue teaching careersContinue reading “This Guy Taught in China and Found a New World”

Chinese Spring Festival Unboxing – Celebrate the Year of the Dog

The Chinese Spring Festival is here again, and it’s time to celebrate. Watch this unboxing video to better understand the important symbols of the Chinese New Year and how you can use them in your own home!

Don’t Let Assumptions Define Your China Experience!

The assumptions we make based on our experiences back home often blind us to the realities of living abroad. When living in China it’s important to cast these assumptions aside if we are to understand what others are saying.

5 Tips for Fun and Flexibility in China

Adapting to life in China can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With an open mind and a basic understanding of Chinese culture, many problems become much less difficult.

Book Review: Notes from a Beijing Coffeeshop

Notes from A Beijing Coffeeshop, by Jonathan Geldart, offers up 23 unique Chinese stories in bite-sized pieces, that help the non-Chinese reader to quickly and easily start learning about who the Chinese people truly are. A must read for those planning on moving to or traveling in China!

“Little Sisters” and “Older Brothers” in China

Do you know about “Little Sisters” and “Older Brothers” in China? These two terms are a common part of everyday life and are often used by China’s younger generation to communicate and build relationships. Take a look at the following article t begin building relationships the Chinese way today!

Share Your China Story with the World!

Have you lived or worked in China for a length of time? Do you want to help other Westerners learn about China, its culture, and its people? Contact the China Culture Corner today to share you story with the world, and remove the veil of mystery from China!

12 Important Symbols of the Chinese Spring Festival

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important time of year in China. In this article, I review some of the most prevalent symbols and themes found in this festival and explain their meaning for Western audiences.